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General information on therapeutic modalities

General information on therapeutic modalities offered by a Natural Therapy Practitioner (Naturterapeut MNNH)

The Norwegian Association of Natural Medicine (NNH) organize therapists who practise different modalities of alternative or natural medicine. Some therapists practise only one form of treatment modality, whereas the main body of members are making use of several different therapeutics or modes of treatment in their clinical practice.

Since NNH-Therapists are not permitted to market themselves in other modes of therapy than the ones in which they are approved, patients may feel safe of receiving a qualified treatment in the therapies employed, whether this is one modality of treatment or a combination of several such modalities. The different Therapeutics Committees or the Central Board and the Annual Meeting respectively exercise the responsible position of determining the required level of education in different branches of therapy.

The fact that most NNH-Therapists integrate several therapeutic modalities in their practice, has enabled NNH to secure a quality and solidity of different basic educations adapted to a modern practice of natural medicine. This requirement for general knowledge of health services serves as a prerequisite condition for further education.

Today the prerequisites of general knowledge for all NNH-Therapists are a minimum of 300 hours of teacher conducted lessons, or the equivalent of 30 points of study in the college system, consisting of basic scientific medical subjects (anatomy, physiology and pathology), 50 hours of teacher conducted lessons in general subjects (theory and principles of science, ethics, communication and social sciences) and 110 hours of teacher conducted lessons in subjects of theory and principles of basic natural medicine.

The main aim of all this general knowledge is to educate therapists towards a high degree of aptitude and ethical standards, making them capable of communicating with other professionals and enabling critical thinking in regard to themselves, their own profession and established truths of new science and development. Furthermore the aim is to create an understanding of the main principles underlying different classical systems of natural medicine, thereby emphasizing the identity of alternative therapy, as well as complementing the understanding and practice of different natural therapeutics.

The prerequisites of the different therapeutics vary from 200-600 hours of teacher conducted lessons in basic subject matter of each branch. Specialization varies from 200-400 hours of teacher conducted lessons in advanced subject matter of each branch. Regarding the different prerequisites, go to the headline of therapy descriptions in our web-pages.

NNH has established articles of association and ethical regulations by which members are obligated in following. The organization has an Organ of Appeal/ Ethical Council to which patients are free to appeal, if they feel they have been subject to erroneous diagnosis or treatment, according to said articles and regulations. Therapist members are obligated to announce by special notice of this possibility in their waiting room.

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